Educational Reflections

Educational Reflections


While I was interning with the County of San Mateo in 2010, my friend Mark Mosely suggested that I once I finish my AOD counselor studies that I look into going to Notre Dame. I was always afraid to attend a University because of my fear of failure that was rooted in my past experiences with lives offerings. I would love to say that the courage to attend NDNU was all mine, but honestly, the deciding factor that pushed me jump into it was the that my wife was wasting her money of cigarettes. I figured “if she is gonna spend her money on smoking, i’m gonna spend my money on an education.” My first class was great; Stress Management with Mary Carter-Bedford was simple and effective. I wasn’t afraid anymore because the first class didn’t run me off. It allowed me to fell confident in the Human Services Program.

As time and classes went on I began to see a pattern. I noticed that the knowledge that I was gaining in class was directly applicable to the counseling work that I was doing. The more education that I gained the more useful I was to my employer. The education provided by my teachers gave me the much needed insight to not only make connections with my coworkers, but my clients as well. Furthermore, I started noticing a change happening from within. I was less concerned with matters of the old me and started using my knowledge of the Human Services field to improve me. I began to become more socially responsible and think of using ethics in my life. Currently I have a coworker who loves the fact that I am the only one he works with who has an ethical modus operandi of the categorical imperative. In other words I’m pragmatic and do the right things for the right reasons.

The education I have gained in combination with the transformation that I have gone through can gaurentee that I am a dedicated person with the abilities to walk through any given situation that a business may present. Given that I have a few last points to touch on:

  • Without God’s goodness, I would not have the opportunity to obtain an education at NDNU.
  • Community and family values are of the upmost importance. With positive role models in society we can create change for the better.
  • Through my instructors, I have been given the necessary tools to compete in todays field of Human Services.
  • As a Human Services student, community service was in the forefront of my degree requirements, however the approach and enthusiasm of my instructors is what made the difference.
  • As a working adult evening student, I felt old. However, this is a program for working adults and we have experience. Something that the day students lack.
  • All class work is intimidating on the first night. Relax. Give yourself the next few days to do some further research and pondering.  Often times I have thought myself out of an intimidation slump and realized that this is work that I CAN DO.

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