Human Services Program Learning Outcomes

Human Services Program Learning Outcomes


Human Services Program Learning Outcomes


1.    Before I came to NDNU I thought I knew about ethics. My personal ethics were concepts like “don’t do things to people that I wouldn’t want done to myself” and “act like a grown up in public.” I deal with people for a living and I now know that my simple ethical concepts of the past were adolescent at best. Through the teachings of NDNU, I now realize that ethics are much more than that. In my day-to-day life I have hundreds of decisions that need to be made and complex thoughts that need processing. And with specific ethical schools of thought to ponder these decisions with, I am assured I can make the best choices possible and perform actions for the right reasons. Here is evidence of my clear understanding of 5 Ethical Frameworks.

2.     My first real project at NDNU was my social research methods paper. It was a definite challenge; it was the longest paper I have ever written. But through project management and determination I was able to sit down and devise a plan on how to accomplish my goal. The paper required me to analyze 10 peer reviewed scientific studies in order to understand how they applied to my research. And if anyone here has ever written a research paper, you know exactly which types of problems can arise.  One particular problem for me was extracting and separating the data that directly applied to my research. And through the problem solving skills that I learned at NDNU, I was able to sift through the vast amount of data and discard the unneeded. Here is a copy of my entire research paper- Social Research Paper.

3.     Through the teachings at NDNU I have learned a great deal about the Islamic religion. This education has allowed me to understand the Muslim culture in ways I never have before. With the ever-changing population here in California, there has been an increase of Muslims in my life. To be an effective manager it helps to have knowledge of people of other cultures.  With this knowledge I can better serve the employees at my business and, in turn, better serve my business. Here is a paper on Islamic Philosophy and Law.

4.     While attending the College of San Mateo I thought, “as soon as I get my AOD certificate I’m done with school.” Then I started attending NDNU. This was the point that changed my outlook on education. As school progress I started to notice the changes that were happening in my life. For the first time I felt empowered. I now knew the scholastic theories and references that my coworkers did. I was in the “IN” crowd. This new sense of confidence drives me to be an education advocate with the people that I work with. I tell then to go out and work for that GED or apply for community college. I let them know that it can be done and they can get a better quality of life if they are diligent in their pursuit. Here is a random reflection paper, which gives a bit of insight on me- Religion Reflection

5.     Receiving an education at NDNU has allowed me to communicate with my coworkers and clients on a level I never thought possible. I now listen before I talk. I noticed that if I wait long enough the answer will usually come to light. And if it does not, I am able to articulate myself in a manner that not offensive nor challenging. I believe that in this section that I have demonstrated my ability to communicate orally and in writing. I have done so with clarity, correctness, and conviction. And if this was not convincing I ask that you read any section of this paper. It’s respectively titled “A Sense of Mission.”


1.  We proclaim by our lives even more than by our words that God is good.

2.  We honor the dignity and sacredness of each person.

3.  We educate for and act on behalf of justice and peace in the world.

4.  We commit ourselves to community service.

5.  We embrace the gift of diversity.

6.  We create community among those with whom we work and with those we serve.

7.  We develop holistic learning communities that educate for life.

As I was reading the NDNU HALLMARKS, I decided to write this as my mission statement.


When I began my journey, I made deal with God that if he shows me the way I will not look back and live the way that I used to. I have changed my life for the better and dedicate it to helping others who need to be shown the right way. I have come to a great understanding that even though people might display a character that isn’t agreeable, they are still unique individuals that are all entitled to the same basic human rights. I fight for those individuals that are under served and over looked by society. There are great injustices in the world and I am hoping that with the knowledge that I have gained I can tip the scales and regain some balance in the favor of the people who need it. People are the greatest educators on the planet. I truly believe that we can learn for all walks of life. And I’m actually glad that people are diverse. Think of how standard and boring life would be if we were all the same; we would be nearly robotic.

I have not always been a positive member of my community. I was in love with my neighborhood growing up, but I was like a cancer growing and taking from life. This of course has changed since the days of my youth. NDNU has instilled a great sense of community values within me. They taught me that people are healthier in a community that is thriving. They also taught me that community’s, large and small alike, are unique, diverse, and important to the fabric of life. And through the empowerment and education of the people, they will be allowed to reach their maximum potential and live long and fulfilling lives.

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