I am a native of Daly City, CA. Throughout most of my childhood and early teens I lived in many other cities. My mother and I lived in Sunnyvale for a while until I was sent to live at Hanna Boys Center (a Catholic Boy’s School) in Sonoma, CA.

At the age of 15, I moved with my Dad and attended Jefferson High School (in Daly City). Being the troubled teen that I was, I was sent to a continuation school within the district named the Community Environmental Education Program (CEEP) aka “Wilderness.” The reason that it’s called Wilderness is because the focus in this class was to take urban teens on two week long backpacking trips to teach them values that were not otherwise gained.

After I graduated High School, I set off to find my place in the world. This is what we would now call “gaining lived experience” by way of incarceration for breaking laws and the use of illegal drugs. A long series of bad decisions finally led me to accomplish a task that no one in my family has; a college degree.


I have been happily married since 2009.


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